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"A woman in a red blue and orange dress against windows with red frames where the blue sky is seen"

Summer 2020 I sat down with a reporter to talk about how I ended up being an opera singer and what drives me as an artist. It started with a bachelor in marketing and economics.


A week after my debut as Erda at Oper Leipzig I got a call to jump in with Belgrade philarmonic orchestra and conductor Gabriel Feltz. 
Hard at work with Wotan in the picture.


"Black and white portrait of a serious woman with long dark hair and long eyelashes"

Karin Lovelius makes her role debut as Erda with dignity and an almost mysical sound in dialogue with Der Wanderer.
A jewel in the production.


Karin Lovelius and Joakim Lundström in Stockholm Riddarhuset. In the background medieval plates and a big window with light streaming in. In focus singer and guitarist sitting beside"

It started as an exchange between australian and swedish musicians and developed into a project about climate change. The newly founded Ensemble Mykorrhiza commissioned two pieces for a series of concerts from australian composer Andrew Ford and swedish composer Emmy LIndström;

"Woman in pink suit with turkoise corsage and dog neckless against a blue background with a dancing man in a blue coat"

You cant sing or act any better than this; the way Michael Weinius as Herodes and Karin Lovelius as Herodias fills every gesture, every note, every look and every step with hate, cynicism, greed and anxiety and contempt for mankind in a preoccupied self. It is music theatre at the peak of what is possible because their art of expression gives the music and the theatre equal weight 

Peter Korfmacher, LVZ 2017

"Two women in the opera Elektra sitting on a white leather sofa holding glasses and whisky in their hands"