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Woman with lila sweater in a kitchen with oak worktop, grey cabinets and yellow crates"

"Welcome to my kitchen".
Those were my first words in this broadcast from May 2020  in the middle of  lockdown in Berlin.
My  kitchen turned into a homeoffice  where friendly neighbours encouraged me to "sing as much as I wanted and even to open the windows so they could listen".
Former work experience as a moderator at the Swedish Radio inspired me and and it felt like being back in the studio in Stokholm with my Ipad set ut in front of a window covered with post-it notes of he different topics. 

 I ended up talking about all the creative projects that I lauched myself into when the initial chock of the pandemic had faded. With plenty of  time on my hands  I went back to rework roles like Fricka and Waltraute, especially focusing on the german prosody. As a foreigner there is always room to improve and I was looking for more elegance, more "dance" in the language if you so will. 

I also talked about reconnecting with my roots as a moderator and producer and attended different zoom meetings with people from different parts of the industy. Theese meetings inspired me to try out new forms of communication.
Then #CultureContinued from Nürnberg called and asked me to record for their youtube channel.

First out was two of William Bolcom's Cabaret Songs with Alessandro Zuppardo followed by Ensemble Mykorrhiza. We challenged the distance and recorded The River in Stockholm, Berlin and Calcutta without using clicksounds
And finally my take on how to keep the balance in the midst of a crisis; meditation and then there was the park where I as so many others sought calm and serenity those first months. On a bench with trees and birds around me I found inspiration to keep me going. The broadcast is in german language.

To the broadcast  click here


Und wenn mein Herz auch bricht..
eine szenische Vorstellung über
das Leben des Heinrich Heines mit Musik von Schumann, Liszt, Debussy, Castelnuovo-Tedesco und viele andere.


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