Woman in pink dress talking in her cellphone while am man is hanging over a table looking bored


Photo Karin Lovelius mezzo swedish

Baba the turk - The Rake's Progress  Oper Leipzig

Portrait of Karin Lovelius wearing a white top with brown curly hair against a deep blue background"

Karin Lovelius, photo shoot Kirsten Nijhof

"A witch in a red dress with a blue and yellow coat with feathers sitting next to a woman with long gray hair in torn clothes"a woman with

Jezibaba -  Rusalka. Oper Leipzig

"Angry woman leaning over desk covered with paper and string wearing a purple dress and a gold neclace"

Fricka - Das Rheingold. Oper Leipzig

"Woman in black leather jacket wearing earrings against gray background with leaves in the left corner"

Karin Lovelius, photo shoot Olena Tokar

"Woman sitting on the floor in a burka with a child in white sheets in her lap next to a fallen over wheelbarrow"
"Woman in orange dress and orange boots with her hands up towards her face is standing next to a man with a broom in his hand"

Alto - Karin Lovelius, Deutsches Miserere.
Oper Leipzig

Gertrud - Hänsel und Gretel.Oper Leipzig

"Man with dark glasses, grey beard and a brown cardigan is standing next to a woman with a pink nightgown and a pink sweater wearing a tiara and smiling"

The Gamekeeper's wife -  The cunning little vixen, Oper Leipzig


Karin Lovelius, Vaasa City Hall 2021

"Woman smiling in a black tuxedo jacket and with hair pinned up"

Karin Lovelius, photo shoot Kirsten Nijhof