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Mentoring & coaching for artists

Harpa Osk, soprano

"Our sessions brought me clarity and motivation"

"I finally stopped doubting myself and started going for new opportunities"

"She has strengthened her mentees in terms of their self-confidence and self-perception as artists"

Carmen Maria Thiel
Management and

research assistant mArts, HMT

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As a mentor  and coach I pass on the knowledge I have earned working as a singer in Germany combined with my degree in economics, marketing and the experience of working as a producer.
It is thrilling to see the mentees develop and go for new opportunities.

Karin Lovelius, opera singer



Q & A


Who is it for?

You are fresh out of the opera academy and need some guidance to start building your career
OR you have worked a couple of years but want to progress further and need a sparring partner.

What do I offer?

I will

- help you set short- and long term goals

- clarify your strengths and weaknesses as an artist
- help you see which steps you need to take to get a job in the opera industry

- help you prepare for auditions with building an aria list and package your presentation material, such as   videos photos and resume, in a way that attracts interest from agents
- challenge your ideas about why its hard to find work and be successful 
- work on the 
audition situation to overcome nervousness or ideas about perfection

help you with repertoire, what suits you now and what you are working towards

- share my knowledge of what it means to work in Germany and on the international market
- share information about different kinds of contracts, rules and regulations, unions, who protects you 

- share information about agents and different kinds of collaborations 
- share information about building your brand and how you can market yourself on social media platforms

How often?

I recommend 4-6 sessions but everyone is different so we take it one step at a time.
You decide what 
you need.

Contact me for a free first session to see where we go from there.

I am a sparring partner and sounding board during

your journey of development and self exploration



Kristin Mäntylä, mezzosoprano

Harpa Osk, soprano


Und wenn mein Herz auch bricht..
eine szenische Vorstellung über
das Leben des Heinrich Heines mit Musik von Schumann, Liszt, Debussy, Castelnuovo-Tedesco und viele andere.


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