Mentoring and Coaching for artists

Harpa Osk, soprano


Career advice, confidence coaching, audition preparation, branding, portofolio work


Career advice, critical feedback, marketing 

"Our sessions brought me clarity and motivation"

Kristin Mäntylä, mezzo-soprano

"I finally stopped doubting myself and started going for new opportunities"

She has strengthened her mentees in terms of their self-confidence and self-perception as artists.

Carmen Maria Thiel
Management and research assistant mArts, HMT


As a mentor I pass on the knowledge I ve earned working as a singer combined with my experience working as a producer and with marketing.
Its thrilling to see the mentees develop and go for new opportunities.

Karin Lovelius, opera singer

Who is it for
What do I offer
What can you expect from our work
Minimum 4-6 coaching everyone has different needs

In our first session
Subjects we work with
Reviewing your career
strengts and and skills

Prepare for auditions
Market and network in the classical industry
Overcoming mental blocks

Kristin Mäntylä, mezzosoprano

Harpa Osk, soprano

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500 Terry Francois Street, San Francisco, CA 94158  |  Tel: 123-456-7890

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